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She says its the best descsion she ever made!!!

From zero knowledge about Arabic music to a confident maqam savvy player 

I finally understand how Arabic music and the maqam system works! this is GOLD! I have already improved my taqasim and technique in a huge way! 

Thank you so much Maya

Robert Santamaria Venezuela/ Spain 
I wondered if it was actually possible to learn such a complex instrument without having the teacher physically by your side. Or even if it was possible at all to learn this instrument, especially when I hadn't played a melodic instrument before, and I couldn't read music. There were many who told me not to even bother trying. «One of the most difficult instruments in the world», I was told. However, all my worries was gone after I started to learn with Maya. 

Just do it! Whatever your level is, Maya has a lot to offer. She shares generously all her knowledge and experiences from a lifetime of playing the qanun, she is open to all questions, and she never stopped until she made sure I had understood her answers. She has a unique ability to make complex issues understandable, even for a non-arab non-musician beginner.

 I am forever grateful to Maya for her encouragements and for showing me the way.
Lene Dalen Spain/Norway
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