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Here is my story
It all happened in the back seat of a taxi. The driver was listening to a qanun recording which took my breath away. I told him with all the enthusiasm of an 8 year old that this is what I want to learn. He laughed and told me that the qanun is for men and that I should forget about it. 
I then developed an international career performing at the world's top venues and festivals and I started teaching students from all over the world. Winning awards, receiving rave reviews and reaching millions of people  from playing the qanun is amazing. 

But what is even more amazing is that through playing the qanun, I found love and connection with people beyond my wildest dreams.  But things weren't always easy! 
Even though I did what I thought was the right thing and signed up to study qanun at the High Institute of Music in Damascus, things didn't click. 

I slowly began to understand that there is something fundamentally outdated with the traditional ways of teaching qanun. 

Which is why I am on a mission to Demystify Arabic Music and help you fulfil you qanun dreams the fun fast and easy way!

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Students Love

Working with maya was one of the best experiences I had in my life. i feel clear and confident and i can't wait for more lessons. 

manel bouHAREB
Manel and many others are finally Fulfilling their dream of playing qanun 
by following a step by step system, students are able to Learn Qanun The Fun & Easy Way! 
I finally understand how Arabic music and the maqam system works! this is GOLD! I have already improved my taqasim and technique in a huge way! 

Thank you so much Maya

Robert Santamaria Venezuela/ Spain 
I wondered if it was actually possible to learn such a complex instrument without having the teacher physically by your side. Or even if it was possible at all to learn this instrument, especially when I hadn't played a melodic instrument before, and I couldn't read music. There were many who told me not to even bother trying. «One of the most difficult instruments in the world», I was told. However, all my worries was gone after I started to learn with Maya. 

Just do it! Whatever your level is, Maya has a lot to offer. She shares generously all her knowledge and experiences from a lifetime of playing the qanun, she is open to all questions, and she never stopped until she made sure I had understood her answers. She has a unique ability to make complex issues understandable, even for a non-arab non-musician beginner.

 I am forever grateful to Maya for her encouragements and for showing me the way.
Lene Dalen Spain/Norway

She says its the best descsion she ever made!!!
Sara Abanamy/France

From zero knowledge about Arabic music to a confident maqam savvy player 
Ron Sneddon/ California

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